Day ticket rules

Our rules are common sense and they exist for the safety and enjoyment of anglers and the welfare of fish and wildlife. Enjoy your visit and if you have any problems please speak to the bailiff.

1. All litter must be taken home.

2. All fish must be returned to the water.

3. No keep nets apart from during authorised matches.

4. No rowing boats, bait boats are allowed on the day ticket lake.

5. No unattended rods.

6. No fires or loud radios.

7. Respect other anglers.

8. Wire traces must be used when pike fishing.

9. Unhooking mats and 42” landing nets must be used for carp and

    pike fishing.

10. No pike angling between March 15th and October 1st.

11. 3 rods maximum per angler.

12. Fishing from designated pegs only.

13. Fish antiseptic must be used when carp fishing.

14. Particle baits must be properly prepared. No dry particles.

Selby Three Lakes - Fishery Rules


Predator Fishing Rules

1. A main line with a minimum breaking strain of 15 lb is compulsory, 30 lb if using braid.

2. Wire traces and semi-barbed trebles must be used when pike fishing.

3. A large unhooking mat and 42” landing net must be used.

4. Live baiting is allowed but baits must be caught on the day from the lake.

5. All fish must be safely returned to the lake.

6. Anglers must use forceps when unhooking pike.

7. Predator angling is not available between March 15th and October 1st annually.

*All rules apply when fishing dead baits, live baits and lure fishing and are in addition to the normal day ticket rules.

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