The Day Ticket Lake

The Selby Day Ticket Lake is a 4-acre pit stocked with a variety of species, including carp, pike, bream, perch, roach, rudd and eels. There are 12 overnight carp pegs as well as 4 coarse pegs. The lake varies in depth between 3 and 18 feet. The fishery is open to all anglers and there are carp to 39lbs, several 20’s and plenty of doubles. Average size is around 13 to 19 lbs. There are also plenty of large bream, roach, tench and pike to 27lbs. This mature lake has many features including overhanging trees, lily pads, reedy margins a dividing spit, gravel and sand bars and areas of silt .

Carp anglers have had success using a variety of methods and baits. Consistently performing baits include Sticky Baits, Vortex, Bloodworm and Krill. Nutrabaits Big Fish Mix with Cranberry, Carp Company Icelandic Red and Mainline Cell. A bright popup or plastic corn is always a good option. Roger Hind the bailiff is happy to answer any questions you may have about the lake and its fish.  The lake is available for match and club bookings all year round. Day anglers can turn up and pay on the bank but night and 24 hour session anglers must pre-book with Roger on 07818 092420. Under 14`s must be accompanied by an adult when night fishing.

For more information on rules regarding fishing for carp and pike please read the relevant pages on the web site.

Day ticket - carp & pike fishing

Up to 3 rods, 12 hours

Adults - £10.00/U14’s - £8.00.

Up to 3 rods 24 hours

Adults - £20.00 / U14’s - £10.00

Day ticket - coarse fishing

1 rod - one day

Adults - £5.00/U14’s - £3.00

2 rods - one day

Adults - £8.00 / U14’s - £5.00

   Tel:07818 092420.

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