‘…Nick and Roger took us to the main day ticket lake. It has swims that put most to shame, level, barked, and well-constructed I could see myself getting proper comfy in one, especially as there’s a snack van in the car park. The lake itself is 4 acres and has a spit which you can walk along but not fish from, it’s not a packed lake as the team have split the swims into carp and course swims, this ensures plenty of room for all anglers. There are lots of lily pads and reedy areas to fish and the usual underwater features to find, the carp in this lake go to almost 30 lb…’

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About Selby Three Lakes Complex

‘… Selby 3 Lakes has for many years been one of Yorkshire’s premier carp waters. It is less well known for its piking, but with specimens over twenty pounds it warrants a second glance. For the pike angler with a smaller budget, ten pounds buys a three rod day ticket on lake one, which is the lake on the right as you enter the estate. Day tickets are available on the bank but it is a busy water and a phone call in advance will secure a peg. As well as the pike and carp, there are plenty of other coarse fish to interest the pleasure angler.

Night fishing is allowed and must be booked in advance...’

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Selby Three Lakes was originally dug over 80 years ago, lake 3 became a carp lake with lakes 1 and 2 becoming coarse fishing lakes. In 1992 a decision was taken by the owners and bailiff to create one lake by connecting the three existing lakes. Four channels were dug to create a single lake of around 12 acres in size. The lake became a private syndicate then reverted back to a day ticket water, which quickly established itself as the North's premier day ticket fishery and to this day it is still held in high regard.

The carp in Selby can only be described as true warriors; with an estimated stock of fifteen 30lb+ fish, around 100, 20lb+ specimens and somewhere in the region of 150 good doubles this isn't a runs water but at the same time it won’t beat you up too much. Fish come out regularly but like anywhere there will be blanks along the way to the big ones…!

That’s fishing.


Pike Fishing

In addition to the carp stock there is also a healthy head of pike in the day ticket lake including fish to 27lbs. Pike fishing is available between October and March each season. Come along and give it a try during the winter months.  

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